Sunday, August 28, 2011

Key points to consider while preparing a Planogram

In my opininion following are the key points which any Space Planner should consider while designing a Planogram to ensure its maximum efficacy and increase the Planogram Productivity
Planogram Example
1. Planogram should consider the attributes of the product being placed in the shelf which considers customer tastes and needs mainly - Brand, Product Size, Taste or Flavors, Color and most importantly Price point.
2. Physical dimensions of Section, Shelf and Products like Height, Depth and Width
3. Linear Shelf Space, Number of Facing Allocations, SKU Visibility and Shelf Stock Capacity
4. Market Share of Product in Region, Store as well as overall market
5. Sale Spread across week days which identify market trends and improve shelf stocking movement.
6. Product adjacencies, Secondary placement and product switching helps improve upsell / cross sell opportunities and increase affinity selling between true affinity products like tooth paste with brush or artificial affinity products like Coke / Pepsi with Kurkure
7. Finally Product placement on shelf should consider sub category representation of Traffic builders, Profit generators, Stars and Image enhancers.
Incase I missed out any input pls post your comments


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