Thursday, March 18, 2010

Catalogue Marketing in India - Can it work

Catalogue marketing one of the oldest concepts in countries like UK was indeed started in India too around 1990s by Otto burlington, but could never take off maily due to challenges in effective telecom interactions, safe and easy mode of transactions were absent and logistics for pan india presence was impossible.

Tdy when most of these challenges seem to be taken care of still catalog marketing does not yet seem to take off. Primary reason is because the retail revolution and mall culture in india is still in its nascent stage and people still think going to a mall is a leisure activity than a shopping necessity. For Americans and UK shopping is considered a necessity and if it can be home delivered its a great option for them. India will still take some time to come to this stage, meanwhile we shd let the indian customer have his moment of time at the shopping destinations.

Catalogue marketing though is being followed in India as a supplement to existing promotional campaigns to increase footfalls. Metro sends its catalogue every fortnightly and monthly a hardprinted or online copies to all its customers to enale grab great deals at the stores.

The idea seems to work though right now for building brands and winning the confidence of the Indian consumer. Other Indian companies into catalogue marketing are Tata Chrome, Elvy and Hypercity Agros.
As Indian economy matures and creates nuclear families in an urban setup with shortage of time, Catalog retailing will gain some momentum. However, it is unlikely that the catalogs will be door delivered rather they could be hosted online and the retailer willing to offer call center support for shoppers.


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